LXFS Enterprise

Lustre Based Appliance

LXFS Enterprise is NEC's scalable parallel file system product developed for research and industry. It is based on Lustre and NEC provides enhanced features to answer the needs of high capacity storage with highest I/O performance requirements in "High Performance Computing" and "Big Data" applications.

The LXFS appliance simplifies the deployment and management of Lustre platforms which will benefit commercial and educational users in the area of HPC.

The LXFS appliance is an engineered system consisting of server and storage hardware, file system software, a deployment, management and monitoring concept with emphasis on reliability and redundancy. It is available with support services and optional integration services to meet the needs of the individual user.

A LXFS integrated high performance parallel file system setup is composed of functional building-blocks. It matches the customer’s performance and capacity requirements and can grow with their demands, from 2 GB/s bandwidth and 64 TB capacity up to hundreds of GB/s and tens of petabytes.


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A Collaboration of Technologies

Key to NEC’s success has been our ability to create strategic and tactical partnerships to deliver technology enabled benefits.


Partnership with key technology vendors such as NetApp and others have been forged over many years of collaboration.

Shared technologies

NEC continues to grow our technology value net by adding best of breed solution partners, in creating our new appliance business.

Dual innovation

Solutions like the ETCA should redefine the economics of the archiving industry.

Only NEC offer you the complete service:

Configuration, Installation, Support, Finance

NEC has the expertise to deliver a pre-built or bespoke appliance to meet your requirements. Solution Installation and Commissioning can be by NEC’s System Integration Team or by our value-added services partners. The Appliance Support Centre is your single point of contact for resolving all technical issues regardless of component or subsystem.

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