NetApp E-Tiering Cloud Appliance

Built in collaboration with the industry’s leaders in archiving, NTP Software, the E-Tiering Cloud Appliance has been designed to address the challenges posed by ever increasing unstructured data volumes prevalent in IS/IT operations within organisations of all sizes. The all-in appliance approach allows for quick deployment and adoption. Scaling is modular which minimises IS/IT operational workload.

New for ETCA 15, the E-Tiering Cloud Appliance now features robust, enterprise-wide file data analytics and reporting. Analyze file data, growth and use trends, and project your storage use to effectively plan your storage growth and get the maximum benefit from your tiering investment. Chief to the ETCA’s mission is to contain the economics of providing for and managing the burgeoning untouched data that reside within operational primary storage. By employing tiering organisations can free their primary from this “stale” file data, however only NetApp E-Tiering Cloud Appliance has the flexibility of approach to data migration with event and policy-driven movement.

In conjunction with data categorisation based on industry standard SQL, the appliance delivers a powerful and unique file curation capability.

Video: Introducing the NetApp E-Tiering Cloud Appliance

The NetApp E-Tiering Cloud Appliance is the ideal solution for the question of where to put Inactive File data that is both economical, accessible and secure.

A Collaboration of Technologies

Key to NEC’s success has been our ability to create strategic and tactical partnerships to deliver technology enabled benefits.


Partnership with key technology vendors such as NetApp and others have been forged over many years of collaboration.

Shared technologies

NEC continues to grow our technology value net by adding best of breed solution partners, in creating our new appliance business.

Dual innovation

Solutions like the ETCA should redefine the economics of the archiving industry.

Only NEC offer you the complete service:

Configuration, Installation, Support, Finance

NEC has the expertise to deliver a pre-built or bespoke appliance to meet your requirements. Solution Installation and Commissioning can be by NEC’s System Integration Team or by our value-added services partners. The Appliance Support Centre is your single point of contact for resolving all technical issues regardless of component or subsystem.

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