Why Appliances?

Designed for your workload, optimised for performance

Increasing complexity of solutions means greater internal and external delivery challenges for solution vendors and the adopting organisations. The total cost of adoption not only includes the solution but also the project implementation, formal acceptance and transition from build to full operational status.

Complexity places greater demand for internal resources to be invested appropriately and in a controlled manner. In most organisations the additional pressure on IS/IT operations result in adoption delay or manifests itself as an overt increase in operational cost as contract personnel are used to fill the gap in resourcing. Project control and maintaining quality of delivery becomes more difficult as a result.

A number of contributing factors exacerbates the situation. Recent adoption of lean organisational structures has seen the downscaling of onsite personnel skillsets. In addition, the mix of infrastructure technologies and architectures continues to grow and introduce system level complexity and compound management.

An appropriate response to this is to adopt the use of appliances that are right sized, that is:

  • Designed for the required workload
  • Optimised in performance and for ease of delivery and adoption

NEC has a long and successful track record as a technology and solution vendor. In addition our experience and understanding in IS/IT solution integration and service delivery mean that NEC can leverage our experience and partnerships to deliver a right-sized appliance with the economics to best meet the business requirements of the solution per se.

A Collaboration of Technologies

Key to NEC’s success has been our ability to create strategic and tactical partnerships to deliver technology enabled benefits.


Partnership with key technology vendors such as NetApp and others have been forged over many years of collaboration.

Shared technologies

NEC continues to grow our technology value net by adding best of breed solution partners, in creating our new appliance business.

Dual innovation

Solutions like the ETCA should redefine the economics of the archiving industry.

Only NEC offer you the complete service:

Configuration, Installation, Support, Finance

NEC has the expertise to deliver a pre-built or bespoke appliance to meet your requirements. Solution Installation and Commissioning can be by NEC’s System Integration Team or by our value-added services partners. The Appliance Support Centre is your single point of contact for resolving all technical issues regardless of component or subsystem.

Need help selecting the right Cloud Appliance Solution?

* This appliance is only available in Europe currently